- We Put The Flow In Motion - RELY on our ABILITY -
- We Put The Flow In Motion - RELY on our ABILITY - 



 - Pressure is our Passion -
 - Turbomachinery - Our Core Competence - The machines with the highest efficiency


Our 'Know How' based on 35 years of experience in Turbomachinery and since 20 years we applied it to help our customers to solve their problems and get the best solutions availlable.

CCTurbo GmbH is specialized in:
- Radial Turbos such as Centrifugal Compressor Stages and Radial Turbine Stages
   - with Applications for all kind of gases, gas mixtures, real gases, refrigerants, steam and fumes
- CRP - Special Applications with Steam
   - Steam Processes require the Design of Special High Speed Turbos, to get the best results and highest efficiency for small and medium sized applications.
- ORC - Special Applications with Organic Fluids and Refrigerants
   - Organic Rankine Cycles are very useful for Waste Heat Recovery and require special High Speed Turbos for optimized results in small and medium applications.
- Special problems....

   Aside from standard applications Turbos get used to more and more special applications, because of their unbeatable compactness and high efficiency in combination with todays State of the Art High Speed Drive Technologies!
We would like to help our customers with all this different Applications to solve their problems in the most efficient way for them and for our environment! 


 - Our Philosophy of Creating Turbomachines is Heuristics -


Heuristics in our case can be described as a combination of long term Experience, a huge base of Experiments and of course the actual state of the art thermo/aerodynamic design methods.

It's actual the fastest and most efficient way to solve your problems and get a prototype in your hands.




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