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In 2023 CCTurbo celebrates it's 20 - years Turbo-Consultancy anniversary as a GmbH!
 - 42 years of experience starting from 1981.

 - 1992 The CCTurbo-Idea was introduced to the public on Hannover Industry fair.
 - 1996 Starting of CCTurbo with own impeller 5-axis machining for prototypes.

 - 2003 CCTurbo was reorganized as CCTurbo GmbH
 - 2016 20 years anniversary

 - 2023 31 years of Computer Created Turbo - Technology

On this page you can find General News about CCTurbo and our latest Technology.

Of course we handle all our projects strictly confidential and can only publish general information that is free from confidential data.


This page will be updated soon for latest news.
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