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- We Put The Flow In Motion - RELY on our ABILITY - 

Automotive Turbo Applications


  - Turbo - Applications - for all Kind of Automotive Vehicles - We pump the Volume -

Dealing with the Transport and Compression of diverse fluids, Turbomachinery is also deeply involved in Automotive applications. As most applications use radial Turbos, CCTurbo is also specialized in these automotive applications:

- Turbocharger
   - New development of Turbocharger parts
   - Optimization/Modification of Compressor Impeller and/or Turbine Impeller
   - Special Solutions for Race Cars, Fork - Lifts, Marine - Motors and ...
- E-Turbo
   - Radial Compressor Stage Development for High Speed Motors with High Speed Drives

- Fuel Cell Charging --> THE FUTURE of electric cars with or without batteries
   - Compressor for Air supply
   - Compressor for H2

- Air conditioning in cars
- Waste heat recovery


Automotive Turbo Applications

Compact and High Efficient Solutions for all kind of Automotive Applications

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