- We Put The Flow In Motion - RELY on our ABILITY -
- We Put The Flow In Motion - RELY on our ABILITY - 
Vom Prototyp zur Serie Von der Idee zum Prototyp

From Ideas to Prototypes

From Prototypes to Serial Production



Radial Impellers for Air, Helium, Gas mixtures, Refrigerants ...


Impeller from Aluminium, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Inconel, and...


Special Problems require special solutions!

High Speed Turbos



Welcome to CCTurbo GmbH

  - We put the flow in motion - CCTurbo GmbH - RELY on our ABILITY - Since more than 20 years -

  - We realize the ideas and needs of our customers. We will find the best possible solutions -



Since the year 1996 CCTurbo provides Turbo-Consultancy 'from Ideas to prototypes' for it's customers. 

In addition to Expert Advice on topics of General Turbomachinery, CCTurbo especially is engaged in the Calculation, the Design and the Manufacture of Radial Turbomachinery for various media from ideal gases through gas mixtures to vapors and refrigerants. Our Expertise is on Compressor Stages as well as on Turbine Stages and of course the combination of single stages to multi stages and the combination of Turbines and Compressors in Complex Processes.
Another focus of our work is the Automotive sector. In addition to the development of new Turbochargers, we modify existing ones both on the Compressor side, as well as on the Turbine side. Besides the development of electrically driven Superchargers, we also deal with the charging of Fuel Cells.

The processing and finding of solutions for special problems in the field of flows is our specialty.

Our slogan:

                                          "We put the Flow in Motion"


demonstrates our ambitions to think out of the box, find solutions aside from limited standards and free from pigeon holing.


On these pages you can get some basic information about us, our products and our services.
For more detailed information please feel free to contact us by EMail.


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